Introducing #30DaysWild 2017

The Wildlife Trusts run an initiative every June challenging you to do something wild everyday for 30 days. We thoroughly enjoyed trying to be a little more wild last year, so we thought we would join in again this year. So here goes - 30 days of wild start here. (We will try to blog everyday, but if we fall behind bear with us!)

#30DaysWild Day 1:

We spent a couple of hours in the garden this morning enjoying the beautiful sunshine and listening to the bees buzzing around the flowers. Bliss. Starting off small and simple - who knows what the rest of the month might bring?

You can find out more about The Wildlife Trusts and their 30 Days Wild project by visiting their website.

#30DaysWild #Nature #NaturalWorld #Bees #Buzzing #Flowers #Garden #Sunshine #June #WildlifeTrusts #Wildlife #Insects

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