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Runners - next - the - Sea Couch to 5K

I thought I'd share information about the latest Couch to 5k coaching sessions that my lovely local running club will be holding from May 2019.

Having run previously (about 10 years ago for the last time with any conviction) and having let it all slip (easy to do, right?) I thought I would join 2018's class of Couch to 5kers and see if I could make it stick this time. Well, one year on and I am still running, and I have joined Runners-next-the-Sea again.

I think doing to Couch to 5k plan as a group and with the support of more experienced runners really made the difference to me this time, and it meant I wanted to keep on going (rather than give up at the first sign of it being a bit hard) which I just didn't do when I attempted things like this on my own.

If you're at all interesting in giving running a go, or if you're a slightly lapsed runner looking to get back into the swing of things again, I can highly recommend this course!

For more information have a look on the Facebook group or the RntS website.

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