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The End of January

Does anyone else feel that January is a particularly odd month? Sometimes I look at the date and feel as though it is speeding along nicely, but then after a little more thought it seems as though the month has taken about 6 weeks to finally finish.

It's been a great experience/experiment to open during January in our new location - and great to see so many people coming away, braving the slightly chilly weather, and seeing the beauty of a Norfolk winter. Staying open during the month has definitely paid off for us.

I won't pretend I'm not a little bit happy to see January reach its close though. February is a short month (with the added bonus for me of also being my birthday month) and one that can feel a little cheerier than January. It might even feel as though spring is just around the corner once it really gets going. Let's hope so!

Here's hoping for a lovely February all around anyway. Hope to see some more of you visiting, especially with half term just around the corner!


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